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Hillel International: Enterprise Platform

Launched: August 2022
15 Hillel offices, representing 31 college campuses

Goal: Scale participation by reaching un-engaged and under-engaged students.

Why it works:

The Hillel Centralized platform enables each campus to streamline their gathering process and empowers students to be more in control of their own experiences. Staff is able to play a support role with resources and guidance.

Hillel students registered
Emily Block
Managing Director, Cornell Hillel, January 2024
“Cornell’s utilization of the Powered By OneTable platform has been a powerful tool in engaging students in various micro-communities. The past semester on campus has been incredibly challenging and many Jewish students are not comfortable affiliating with Hillel. Powered By OneTable provides a resource for students to still be able to create and facilitate their Jewish experience with their communities in a way that feels authentic and relevant to them.”
Create one-of-a-kind experiences for more people, in more places.
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