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Powered By OneTable is the platform that empowers your organization or business to grow organically.
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Why Powered By OneTable?
With more than 1,000,0000 reservations at more than 120,000 OneTable events in 10 years — we know our peer-to-peer engagement model works.

Powered By OneTable takes the two critical pieces — our Software as a Service (SaaS) technology and the peer-led engagement model — and allows engagement oriented organizations to benefit from our 10 years of testing and experimenting.
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Data + Engagement
Powered By OneTable offers easily accessible, real-time data alongside the superior expertise and guidance of our client success team to ensure that all organizations not only gather, track, analyze, and share information but truly understand their community engagement and the power of peer-to-peer networks.
Surpass Engagement Expectations

Exponential reach and impact by leveraging peer-to-peer engagement methodology.

Learn from Participant Data

Track engagement, revenue, and more on a custom dashboard. Gain real time insights, data, and see trends.

Customized to Your User Needs

Seamless communication tools empower hosts to plan with meaning and guests to join new experiences.

  • Amy Glass, PhD
    VP of Strategy and Community
    Impact, Connect Jewish Tucson

    “The Powered by One Table platform is enabling the Southern Arizona Jewish Community to create Jewish experiences that meet the diverse needs of our individual community members on our site, Connect Jewish Tucson. Initially, we piloted our community-wide approach with young adults, capitalizing on drawing in several organic groups who were already meeting outside our traditional Jewish spaces. Connect Jewish Tucson made it easier for them to promote their gatherings and expand to draw in new participants. Including the leaders of these organic groups in both our website design and as early creators of experiences was key to our initial success. Now we’re expanding to other demographic groups using the same strategy of pulling in key stakeholders as advisors and early adopters.”

  • Mary Horn
    Director of Community Experience, The Dinner Party

    “We’ve loved working with OneTable to build new functionality and customize the platform to suit our community’s needs: we’ve added a membership modal as well as customized filters and areas for specific types of tables we offer. The platform allows members of our community to freely start, find, and join Dinner Party Tables, so they can build real relationships for the long-haul. As a result, our staff is able to focus less on the logistics of getting people to tables and more on building and sustaining community that matters.”

  • Emily Block
    Managing Director, Cornell Hillel

    “Cornell’s utilization of the Powered By OneTable platform has been a powerful tool in engaging students in various micro-communities. The past semester on campus has been incredibly challenging and many Jewish students are not comfortable affiliating with Hillel. Powered By OneTable provides a resource for students to still be able to create and facilitate their Jewish experience with their communities in a way that feels authentic and relevant to them.”