Powered By OneTable changes the way you build community.

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Hillel International: Enterprise Platform

With a centralized platform, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life is multiplying local participation.


Scale participation by reaching un-engaged and under-engaged students.

15 Hillel offices, representing 31 college campuses in
August 2022


Why It Works:

The Hillel Centralized platform enables each campus to streamline their gathering process and empowers students to be more in control of their own experiences. Staff is able to play a support role with resources and guidance.


In just four months, an impressive 5,000 Hillel students registered for 1,300 events, for a total of 15,000 reservations.


Oren Persing 
Director of Global Student Experiences
Hillel International

The platform is a game changer. The real transformation will come from the low-barrier way that friends of existing student leaders can also start to see themselves as hosts and create opportunities for their peers. Being able to do all this without even setting foot in a Hillel building means that we can reach students we may not have before and scale student engagement beyond what we could in the past.” 

Power Your Community

We are leveraging our SaaS platform to empower engagement-oriented organizations and businesses to grow efficiently and maximize retention by leveraging peer networks through community-supported gatherings. With more than 700,000 reservations at nearly 100,000 OneTable events in 8+ years - we know that our model works.

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The Dinner Party

Driving Meaningful Connections and Conversation


Create a seamless way for grieving young adults to find peer community and build lasting relationships.

August 2021


Why It Works:

The Dinner Party community needs accessible ways to have hard conversations and find sources of community support, candid conversation, and forward movement using the age-old practice of gathering and breaking bread.


Since launch, there have been 3,300 participants at 250 events, for a total of 2,000 reservations on the platform.


Mary Horn
Director of Community Experience
The Dinner Party

"We've loved working with OneTable to build new functionality and customize the platform to suit our community's needs: we've added a membership modal as well as customized filters and areas for specific types of tables we offer. The platform allows members of our community to freely start, find, and join Dinner Party Tables, so they can build real relationships for the long-haul. As a result, our staff is able to focus less on the logistics of getting people to tables and more on building and sustaining community that matters."

Create one-of-a-kind experiences for more people, in more places.

The Powered By OneTable team is here to find a solution and price that fits your organization.

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